Love Grass
Don't Love Mess?

If you love grass but don't want the mess, mud and maintenance, Mardi Grass is the ideal solution. Mardi Grass C-shape is twice as resilient as other artificial grass and comes with a built-in memory function. 

All our products are designed using the most realistic artificial grass fibres on the market today. Plus we only use the best raw materials available from European suppliers, to guarantee a long lifespan and a great consistency in quality.

Mardi Grass has a superior natural appearance and offers fantastic durability to cope with all weather conditions. 

All this combined gives you a fantastic luxury feel which is soft and safe for your skin.

Why C-Shaped Artificial Grass?

Our Technology

Mardi Grass C-shaped Artificial Grass is up to twice as resilient as others on the market, it has a natural look and feel and comes with a built-in memory function. Our bi-coloured yarn has superior UV stabilisation and stores 20% less heat.

Discover all the advantages of the revolutionary C-shape Grass...

Super Soft Feel

Our  Super Soft  collection  combines the latest European technology. Produced  in a state of the art factory  facility, which results in a  variety of artificial grasses that look  and feel  even better than normal grass. It’s truly remarkable:  a man-made improvement on natural grass!   

Built in Memory Function

Thanks to the crescent-shape blades of our grasses,  they are up  to  twice as resilient as conventional products. The end result is a built-in memory system that forces the grass to spring back up to its original shape.

2x More Resiliant

Thanks to our C-squared shape grass, we manage to make a much stronger fibre from a thinner yarn. This makes the grass much more natural looking,  softer  and harder wearing.   

Skin Friendly Safe for kids

By using the  latest bespoke built looms and mixtures of  polyethylene, we can ensure  a high standard of skin friendliness and a  safe product that is guaranteed to be free of lead and cadmium.  

Great for kids and pets. 

Excellent UV Stabilisation

By using the best polymers and the latest extrusion technology, we  guarantee  an  excellent level of UV protection  which means your grass will  not only look great but will also  retain its  colour fastness  over time.

20% Less Heat  

Even on the hottest of sunny days our yarns store  up to 20% less heat that other yarn systems. To achieve  this,  we use a unique polymer with a new generation of ingredients in the master thatch. Its designed to reflect sunlight instead of absorb it.  

Tri Coloured Yarn

Our C-shaped and C-squared collections are non-shiny with both Tri-colour and Bi-colour yarns. This innovation has allowed us to create an artificial grass that is incomparable to real grass.  

Natural Look & Feel

Our natural  collection  of turfs  are  the best available primarily because we have managed to process a large number of different fibre shapes in one product: up to 4 times more than traditional artificial grasses which can mean up to 8 colours in one product.